Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bridge Blog 770: Not necessarily improved

The redesigned ACBL website now announces boldly that the master point races are updated on the sixth of each month. And so they have been. My anemic output during the month of May can’t have done much good. Let’s take a look.
The Unit 116 (Buffalo) Ace of Clubs race in my division (1,000 to 2,500 points) is headed by a guy we haven’t even seen in Buffalo so far this year – David Millward, an excellent player who has amassed 71.31 points somewhere else (Florida). I’m sixth with 38.63. The list:
David Millward, 71.31; John Ziemer, 57.33; Fred Yellen, 52.05; Mike Silverman, 45.87; Ken Meier, 43.78; moi, 38.63; Gene Finton, 36.28; Chuck Schorr, 34.56; Vince Pesce, 30.92; and Barb Pieterse, 29.38.
Liz Clark, who has 44.75, no longer appears on this list. She’s graduated to the 2,500 to 5,000 point division. Top Ace of Clubber in Unit 116, by the way, is another snowbird, Meg Klamp, who’s in the 7,500 to 10,000 point division and has been back in town for a few weeks. She’s got 84.68. Leading year-round resident is Jerry Geiger in the 5,000 to 7,500 division with 66.94.
Over in the Unit 116 Mini-McKenney race, which counts all master points, club and tournament together, I’m in eighth place. The list:
David Hemmer, 91.51; David Millward, 78.84; Fred Yellen, 69.49; John Ziemer, 65.44; Chongmin Zhang, 53.47; Ken Meier, 52.40; Mike Silverman, 48.84; moi, 45.17; Gene Finton, 43.33; and Barb Pieterse, 37.58.
Only three Unit 116 players have topped 100 points so far this year – Dan Gerstman (over 10,000 points) with 112.54, plus two players on the 2,500 to 5,000 point list, Saleh Fetouh with 107.49 and Kathy Pollock with 104.35.
Onward to the District 5 races (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh). Thankfully, the lists here are 25 names long, because I’m 21st. Gene Finton is 25th. Unit 116 often dominates this race, but this year we’re so-so. David Millward is first, John Ziemer is second, Fred Yellen is fourth, Mike Silverman is eighth, Ken Meier is 13th.
As for the Mini-McKenney, the leaders are all Ohioans in triple digits – Michael Craeger of Brecksville, Ohio, 212.78; Fleur Howard of Gates Mills, Ohio, 205.74; Peter Merker of Mentor, Ohio, 183.84; Robert Dykes of Lakewood, Ohio, 117.92. David Hemmer is eighth. David Millward is 11th. Fred Yellen is 14th. John Ziemer is 19th. The list cuts off at 60.92 points.
Shall we check out the nationwide races to see if any Unit 116 names have made the grade? Oops, can’t find them. Plus I keep getting an error message. Still a few bugs in this new system.

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