Friday, October 7, 2011

Bridge Blog 450: The monthly roundup

          The 7th of the month – ACBL master point totals are updated. For me, a modest September – 11.33 club points, 1.11 for the Buffalo Fall Sectional – bringing my figures for the year up to 111.25 for Ace of Clubs (club play only) and 121.65 for Mini-McKenney (club play plus tournaments and special stuff).
          Where does that put me in the Ace of Clubs race among Unit 116 (Buffalo) players? Still in sixth place. Mike Kisiel is first with 178.54, followed by Liz Clark (145.79), John Ziemer (141.03), Vince Pesce (122.52) and Carlton Stone (115.74). Behind me are Carolyn Siracuse (104.17), Judy Padgug (90.54), Jim Gullo (88.29) and Paul Libby (85.64).
          As for Mini-McKenney, I’m clinging to 10th. Ahead of me are Dian Petrov (253.99), Mike Kisiel (188.65), John Ziemer (184.61), Judy Padgug (174.78), Liz Clark (157.18), Carlton Stone (131.14), Vince Pesce (128.34), Jim Gullo (125.31) and Kathy Pollock (123.98). A little bump somewhere and I could be in sixth place here too.
          In District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh) standings, I’m eighth in Ace of Clubs, with Francine Feldman of Boca Raton, Fla.,  (apparently a snowbird) in fourth place and James Quigley of Pittsburgh in fifth. In the Mini-McKenney, I’m not in the Top 25. I’d need 141 points. Top is Hao Ge again from Bay Village, Ohio. He has 431.53. Dian Petrov is fourth.
          Nationwide, I’m way out of the running. You need nearly 135 points to make the Top 100 Ace of Clubs list – leader is Zita Lechter of Sunny Isles, Fla., again with 294.13 (Kisiel is 13th). To hit the Top 100 Mini-McKenney, the magic number is 255. Leader again is Louise Clark of Glencoe, Ill., with 711. 77. Hao Ge is 10th, Dian Petrov just missed the cut.

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