Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bridge Blog 415: Limping to the finish

          My last week of play in April was like the weather for most of April, stuck in the 40s. At Monday’s double session game at the Airport Bridge Club, Usha Khurana and I had a 44.58% in the morning, then failed to improve in the afternoon – 42.35%. Tuesday with Marie Suprinick was close – 49.84% -- but no cigar and no masterpoints.
Wednesday’s game with Celine Murray produced a 48.59% result and gave me my only points of the week – a measly .39. Thursday with Pawan Matta barely made it into the 40s – 40.51% -- but at least we weren’t last. And Friday with Usha again was a 44.32% game, eighth out of 11 East-Wests. No play Saturday due to domestic obligations. I finish the month with 12.18 points.  

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