Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bridge Blog 401: More for less

          The cards seemed to be confounding everybody in both directions Saturday at the Airport Bridge Club. Partners who both held opening bids would go for game, as they should, and wind up down two or three or four. Some hands would defy anyone to make their bids, no matter whether they were sitting North-South or East-West.
          Dottie May and I were East-West and we got off to a perfectly awful start with 4 Spades down four vulnerable. I followed that with a 5 Diamond non-vulnerable sacrifice against what looked like certain major suit contract by the opponents (but wasn’t), down three doubled.
          At the end of this awful day, we were astounded to find that we had a 48.42% game, which made us third East-West in a six-table session. Top East-West was 70%, far ahead of anyone else and apparently the only people who managed to find some good in all these bad cards. But wait, there’s a mistake on Board 5. We didn’t a plus 550 (which was top board). We had a minus 50.
          With readjustments, that knocked our percentage down to 46.75%. But it also allowed club manager Bill Finkelstein to apply one of his miracles of stratification. He moved Dottie and me from the A strat, where we were third, to the B strat, where we were second and qualified to earn points. Not much, mind you, but .45 is better than nothing.
          While the readjustments were being made, I had a look at the March masterpoint totals on the club bulletin board and got my official figure – 14.48. That’s fifth in the club for the month. Top is Jerry Geiger with 22.67. He’s also top for the year with 65.14. On the year-so-far list, I’m also fifth, behind Mike Kisiel, Mike Silverman and John Ziemer.

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