Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bridge Blog 412: Minor milestone

          Celine Murray and I had a rather satisfying 57.78% game on Wednesday after the weekly lesson and finished third North-South, fourth overall and third in the B strat overall, which is what determined our points – 1.04. That brings me up into double digits for April. 10.25.
          April’s never been a big month for me – vacations and golf get in the way. Let’s look at the record: 15.62 points in 2010; 19.55 in 2009 and 11.37 in 2008, back before double and triple points became a regular thing; and 10.90 in 2007. It’s double points all this month – seven more chances to match 2010.
          Meanwhile, I’m closing in on another milestone – 1,100 lifetime points. End of March I had 1,079.67. Now it’s only about 10 points away. Guess I should start cooling the champagne.

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