Friday, March 18, 2011

Bridge Blog 395: At least there's a change in the weather

          I know exactly when spring arrived this week. It was Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day. I emerged from the Airport Bridge Club around 3 p.m. and the sun was warm and the air was sweet. What a difference a bridge game makes! Friday I came home and started raking the yard. Hooray!
          No transitions in my bridge game, however, though it bears a certain resemblance to the weather – hot and cold. I began hot with Mike Silverman on Sunday – a 54.46% game, tied for second in A, tied for first in B, 0.42 point. Monday with Usha Khurana stayed warm, despite a few clouds – 51.25%, despite a terrible misfit hand (see Blog 394), second in B, 0.25 point. Tuesday reunited me with Mike Silverman for a better effort – 57.87%, tied for second in A, 0.54 point.
          Wednesday with Celine Murray, my luck turned cold. Despite a 51.01% game, we finished out of the winners’ circle. Thursday with Marie Suprinick was a deep freeze from start to finish. We both were bad and we knew it. We were dead last by a wide margin and were lucky we didn’t wind up below 30%. At 32.03%, we were close enough.
          Friday reacquainted me with Pawan Matta, with whom I haven’t played all winter. We had a shaky start (I signaled wrong on the first hand and we missed defeating a 4 Spade contract), but started warming up as the game progressed. Preliminary results showed us in 10 th place out of 15 pairs with 46%, but then our good hands kicked in. Our names were announced with the winners, thanks to a 50.64% effort which put us third in B and earned 0.44 points. But wait, there’s a mistake on Board 16. We weren’t minus 120. We set Nancy and Len in a 3 Heart contract big time – down four. Plus 400. The correction bumped us up to 53.85%. Now we’re tied for fifth in A, tied for second in B and we’re fractionally better off in the point department too – 0.53. Unofficial total for the month now is 5.10, which seems kind of paltry. Good thing double points are coming up next week.

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