Friday, March 18, 2011

Bridge Blog 393: Delayed gratification (again)

          When 2010 began, I needed 15 gold points to make Life Master. Nothing else, just 15 gold points. The necessary black, silver and red points were all in the bag. When 2010 ended, I needed exactly 5 gold points to reach the Promised Land, thanks to successes at the Toronto Regional and the Syracuse Regional (but, alas, not the Buffalo Regional, where I struck out completely, gold-wise).
          This year I saw four chances to make the magic circle – Toronto, Syracuse, Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Ont. – and I was all set for my first try in Toronto. I had my team – Helen Panza and Bob and Judy Kaprove – and I had the hotel room and I was ready to ask for the days off from work.
          But then Monica decides that she should go see her parents for Passover. Fine. That would be the weekend before Easter, right? Back on Monday or Tuesday. But no, she wants to stay the weekend. Can’t blame her. Her folks are showing their years. Time should be spent with them. Plus she figures she can work from there in Whitestone.
          A week in New York, hanging around the house in Whitestone, is more than I can justify to myself. I’d be idle. Better if I stay home, keep working, take care of the cats and keep playing bridge. But Toronto? Suddenly, it’s a bad move. I’d need a cat sitter. And what if something unexpected came up? The prudent move is to stay home. I’ve canceled my arrangements. Gold will have to wait.

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