Friday, March 18, 2011

Bridge Blog 394: Misfits

          No, not the Clark Gable-Marilyn Monroe movie, but something just as catastrophic. Usha Khurana and I had this one on Monday. I knew I shouldn’t have bid it. I knew it when I did it, but I did it anyway. And we got a bottom board.
          It’s Board 9. I’m North and I’m dealer. East-West (Grace Lee and Ginny Panaro, respectively) are vulnerable. Here’s my hand:
          Spades: none; Hearts: A-2; Diamonds: 10-9-8-5-3-2; Clubs: A-J-6-4-3.

          Smart thing to do would be to pass, but noooo. One Diamond. Usha bids Spades and Hearts. I show my Clubs. After I bid 3 No Trump, she corrects to 4 Spades. We’re down three. At least we weren’t doubled. Here’s her hand:
          Spades: A-Q-10-9-5-3; Hearts: 10-9-7-6; Diamonds: 5; Clubs: 5.


          Spades: K-6-4; Hearts: 8-5-3; Diamonds: A-K-J-4; Clubs: K-Q-2.


          Spades: J-8-7-2; Hearts: K-J-4; Diamonds: Q-7; Clubs: 10-9-8-7.

          Except for one East who won the bid at 2 No Trump and made it, it’s all North-South. One bids 2 Spades and makes an overtrick. Another bids 2 Spades and makes it on the nose. One bids 4 Hearts, down one. And one plays 3 Hearts doubled, also down one. And then there’s us.

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