Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bridge Blog 924: Short STaC?

         Now that STaC (Sectional Tournament at the Clubs) Week is over, now that I’ve squandered all my free time playing in 13 out of 14 STaC sessions at the Airport Bridge Club, including the pair of three-table games on Sunday, the only STaC games in the whole district, what did I accomplish?
         Nothing that compares to Ted Kahn and Art Matthies, who nailed a 66.67% game in the very first session Monday morning at the Airport club and earned 11.44 silver points. In fact, I don’t think I earned 11 points for my whole week of effort. Here’s what my successes looked like.
         Monday morning with Dottie May – 55.85%, 0.94 of a point.
         Monday afternoon with Dottie May – 58.50%, first overall, 1.59 points. Not good enough to break into the district bonus points.
         Tuesday afternoon with Nadine Stein – 62.50%, second overall, got to the bonus level. 2.39 points. Best payoff of the week.
         Thursday afternoon with Ron Henrikson – 49.91%, second in the B strat at the club, 0.74 of a point.
         Friday morning with Marilyn Sultz – 57.74 %, first North-South at the club, but not good enough for the big picture, 1.59 points.
         Friday afternoon with Marilyn Sultz – 50.94%, fourth overall, 0.66 of a point.
         Sunday afternoon with Sandy Scheff – 60%, second in a three-table game, first in the B strat. 1.83 points.

         If my math is correct, then I’ve ground out 9.74 points for the week. Could have been better, but then again, I’ve done worse. 

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