Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bridge Blog 920: Dark and dreary

That’s the end of November for you, at least in this neck of the woods. And that was the end of November for me at the bridge tables. No bounce-back after the Thanksgiving break, despite four opportunities to do so.
Nadine Stein and I slipped back from a promising round last Monday morning to a 49.96%, prompting some teasing from club manager Bill Finkelstein as he announced the winners. Same in the afternoon session with Mike Silverman. He’s an astute player and we should have a bunch of hot games in our pockets, but this was not one of them. Far from it. 43.48%.
On Tuesday, Marilyn Sultz and I similarly watched our prospects fade away into a corrected 46.98%. Last chance on Wednesday was my first game in ages with Sandy Scheff. We had a good time, but not a good result. 39.58%. Miraculously, we weren’t dead last.
But it did nothing to fatten up my total point count for the month. I’m barely in double digits, far short of the average of 15 that I’m aiming for.
Hopes are reviving, however, even as I write this. Thursday, in a last-minute pairing with Bob Kaprove, we were fourth overall with 51.82%. 0.35 of a point. In St. Catharines, Ont., on Friday with Selina Volpatti, we finished fifth North-South out of 15 pairs with 51.92%, earning 0.34 of a point. No luck, however, on Saturday at the annual Unit 116 meeting and game. (See Blog 920-A)

And now here comes STaC Week, the Sectional Tournament at the Clubs. Two sessions daily at the Airport Bridge Club. Chances to win silver points in massive quantities with a good score, i.e., over 60%. How have I done in past STaCs? Not so massive. Last June, 11.67. Last December, just 5.94. 

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