Monday, November 28, 2016

Bridge Blog 919: Thanksgiving tailspin

A couple weeks ago, the wind was in my sails. I was leading the November master point race at the Airport Bridge Club. It looked like this was going to be a banner month.
But for the past week, nothing. Nothing compounded by inactivity over Thanksgiving weekend. Surely I would bounce back in the double session Monday.
Hopes soared when I saw me and partner Nadine Stein atop the intermediate results for the morning game. With 20 boards out of 28 tallied up, we were first by half a match point with 56.06%. Minutes later, after 23 boards, we’re even better – ahead by more than 1.5 match points with 57.57%.
But then the winners get announced and where are we? In those final five boards, out of a possible 15 match points (it’s only four-table game), we get only 2.60. We finish at 49.96%. Out of the money. Unbelievable.
Surely, I’ll fare better in the afternoon, paired with one of the better players, Mike Silverman, in an extra-point game. We get off to a roaring start against Dottie May and Carolyn Siracuse – top boards defending against a 4 Clubs doubled contract that goes down five and scoring four overtricks on a 3 Diamond hand that should only make one overtrick.
But in this 3½ table game, you have to get top boards consistently. And we don’t. We get only two more tops, more than offset by six bottoms. It didn’t feel like we were that awful as we played it, but we were. A measly 43.48%. It doesn’t seem right. (Continued on Blog 919-A). 

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