Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bridge Blog 896: STaCking Up

         It was a Buffalo player, Fred Yellen, who led the pack in master points in the District 5 Spring Sectional Tournament at the Clubs (STaC) last week. He collected a grand total of 21.99, outdistancing Charles Smith of Erie, Pa., with 20.20, and Stephanie and Robert Alexander of Mentor, Ohio, who both had 20.06.
        Just like a year ago, the Pennsylvania players dominated the upper reaches of the master point race, but not quite as dramatically. In June 2015, seven Pennsylvanians occupied the Top 10 spots. This year there were five. Also 12 of the Top 20 and 18 of the Top 30. Ohio had three Top 10 players both years.
        It was us Buffaloons who bumped those Pennsylvania people, although it wasn’t much of a bump. After Fred Yellen, the next Buffalonian on the list is Bud Seidenberg, eighth with 18.59. More familiar faces are tied for 17th – the Weltes, Martha and John, with 13.60. After that comes Tom Koralewski with 11.82 in 25th place and yours truly sitting 27th with 11.57. My best STaC ever.
        Other local players in the Top 50 include Mark Pascale (10.78, 31st), David Hemmer (10.46, 34th), Art Matthies (10.36, 35th – 4.71 of those points earned with me in two games Saturday), John Ziemer (9.80, 41st) and Jerry Geiger (9.35, 44th). 

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