Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bridge Blog 891: Nick of Time

Fears of finishing May without hitting that monthly goal of 15 master points turned out to be unfounded, but it took returning to the tables on Memorial Day with Judie Bailey in a holiday double session at the Airport Bridge Club to start turning the trick.
It wasn’t an entirely winning effort, but definitely worthwhile. A miracle of stratification put us into second place in the C strat in the morning – 0.47 of a point despite our mediocre 46.27% finish. Afternoon was much improved – 55.48%, second in our direction for 1.35 points.

Tuesday with Helen Panza was better still, another notch in our run of successes in May. This was our best game yet, percentage-wise – 63.43%, first North-South, second overall, for 2.19 points. Add that 4.01 to my unofficial tally of 11.39 for the month and, yes, that makes it. Thank you, bridge gods. 

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