Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bridge Blog 893: Diminished

OK, even though the Airport Bridge Club has posted its master point totals for May on a bulletin board at the club, those numbers didn’t fly through the air to the ACBL in time for inclusion in the latest master point tallies. And had they gotten to the ACBL on time, many of us Buffalo people would be sitting taller in the standings.
Consider that my total at the club for May was 16.24. Not as good as Jerry Geiger, who had 31.19, or Liz Clark’s 17.03, but ahead of Mike Silverman’s 15.98 and John Ziemer’s 15.40.
Stick those 16.24 points into the ACBL total and I’d still be in second place in the Ace of Clubs race (club play only) among Ruby Life Masters (1,500 to 2,500 points) in Unit 116 (Buffalo only), with 62.01, instead of falling to third behind Gene Finton, who has 50.91. And I’d be fewer than seven points behind section leader David Millward’s 68.84, though he may have collected a few more at the Airport Club after he came back from Florida.
Among all players in the unit, I wouldn’t be seventh. I’d be fourth. And Jerry Geiger, instead of being third with 52 points even, would be first with 83.19, ahead of David Millward and Meg Klamp, who has racked up 75.12 points in Florida.
Go over to the Mini McKenney races, which include all points earned everywhere, and I’m fourth among Ruby Life Masters with 51.82. Those missing 16.24 points would lift me to 68.06, but I’d still be fourth, behind David Hemmer with 105.30, David Millward with 83.02 and Ken Meier with 75.57 (plus whatever he earned at the Airport Club). Instead of 30th among all Unit 116 players, I’d be 21st. Overall leader is Saleh Fetouh, of course, with 299.54 points for the year so far.

District-wise, the missing points let a bunch of Pennsylvania and Ohio players break Buffalo's dominance of the top rungs on the Ruby Life Master list. David Millward still is leader, but Gene Finton is seventh and I’m 10th. I should be second and Ken Meier and Mike Silverman should be among the top 10. In the Mini-McKenney, I’m 34th. Oughta be 20th. 

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