Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bridge Blog 878: Buffalo Winter Sectional, Day 2

Day 2, Strike 2. Marietta Kalman and I finished dead last in the morning session at the Main-Transit Fire Hall. At 38.63%, we were the only pair out of 24 in either direction to break below 40%. Marietta was finding it hard to forgive me for a sacrifice bid that went down 5 doubled.
Florence Boyd forgave me a revoke during the afternoon session, and a terrible revoke it was. I trumped a Club with the Ace of Spades while still holding a Club in my hand. Instead of setting a 4 Spade contract, Canadian  opponents Andrew Russell and Arno Hobart made an overtrick. Despite that, we had a slightly better round than my morning effort – 43.03%, eighth out of 10 East-Wests in our section.

Most amazing performance of the day came from another pair of Canadians – Rashid Khan and Vera Carpenter, who have dropped in at the Airport Bridge Club a couple times recently. They were overall winners in the morning session with 67.89%, earning 7.79 points, then turned in a 72.31% effort in the afternoon, garnering another 6.88 points. 

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