Friday, January 8, 2016

Bridge Blog 875: Still a Happy New Year

Can’t say I was proud of it, but I collected points in the very first game I played in 2016, which was with Bill Boardman on Saturday, Jan. 2, at the Airport Bridge Club. Extra points there for ACBL Junior Fund Month every day. So Bill and I earned a munificent 1.21 points for a 45.24% game, which because of deep stratification put us second in the C strat.
Strat justice prevailed Monday, when I played with Judie Bailey. Despite our joy in making a 3 No Trump redoubled contract (800 match points, look it up), our 45.83% was only marginally better than my Saturday result, and this time there were no rewards for so paltry a score.

The rest of the week, however, turned into a winning streak: 
52.24% with Nadine Stein on Tuesday, sixth in A, fourth in B, 0.74 points. 
57% with Mike Silverman, tanned from his trip to St. Maarten, on Wednesday, second overall, 1.43 points. 
54.52% with Marietta Kalman on Thursday, second overall, 1.40 points. 
And 59.49% on Friday in a walk-in pairing with Tish Schiffman, second in A, missing first by the thinnest of fractions, 1.53 points. 
Total for the year so far: 6.31. 

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