Friday, January 8, 2016

Bridge Blog 874: Bejeweled

So I go to check my year-end master point total on MyACBL and, in addition to telling me that I have 1,959.25 career points (and 154.11 for 2015), it also says I’m no longer a Silver Life Master. I’m a RUBY Life Master.
Seems the ACBL has decided to stick a couple extra categories into its Life Master rankings. Ruby is 1,500 to 2,500. Gold is still 2,500, but between that and Diamond (5,000), there’s now Sapphire, which kicks in at 3,500.

Meanwhile, the genies who compile the results of the master point races for the ACBL website seem to have gone on strike. Look for them in one fashion and only the top few names are displayed in each category. Look for them the way I usually do and there’s no 2015 list to click on at all.  

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