Friday, March 6, 2015

Bridge Blog 824: Stuck

Ever since I got back to the bridge tables last week, I’ve been mired in the low to mid 40s, percentage-wise. Last Friday with Celine Murray, it was dead last with 42.28%, but hey, I hadn’t played in more than weeks. Monday with Usha Khurana, just back from vacation in Florida, it was an almost respectable 47.11%, eighth among 11 pairs.

        High hopes weren’t enough for deliverance with Barbara Sadkin on Tuesday. Our 45.24% was seventh out of nine North-Souths. Wednesday saw Celine Murray and me improving, but 46.79% was not enough to scratch. Thursday, arriving without a partner, my hopes rose again as I was paired with Bill Boardman, with whom I sometimes excel. Not this time. 43.98%, eighth out of 10 pairs.

I needed to leave the country and go to St. Catharines, Ont., on Friday to break out of the 40s. Selina Volpatti and I, together for the first time in a month, played our usual aggressive game and finished with a 56.89%, second East-West for 0.98 of a master point, my first point earnings of the month. O, Canada! Thank you.

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