Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bridge Blog 793: You read it here first

The biennial Niagara Falls, Ont., Regional Tournament should have been listed on the ACBL website for November 2015 for several months now. I’ve kept checking for it, but it hasn’t shown up. I thought I heard somebody saying that Unit 166 wasn’t going to hold it this time around.
Some of the folks from Unit 116, not seeing Niagara Falls on the ACBL tournament calendar, have been starting to wonder if they could move the 2015 Buffalo Regional from June to October, a more favorable time of year because hotel rates are cheaper.
So when I see Unit 166 honcho Lorna Johnson, who chaired the last Niagara Falls Regional, among the competitors at the Buffalo Sectional on Saturday, I ask her about it.  She says yes, it’s going to happen. They’ve applied for the sanction. It should be on the ACBL schedule any day now.

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