Friday, September 12, 2014

Bridge Blog 791: Buffalo Fall Sectional, Day 0.5

Played only the morning session. Not my usual regime at these things, but partner Selina Volpatti had an early event this evening and said she couldn’t do the afternoon game. I also had an early evening possibility that I did not want to blow off – the Garden Walk Thank You Party from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Twentieth Century Club (second oldest women's club in America, an E.B. Green building which I’ve long wanted to see the insides of). Plus I could pick up my significant other from her flight home from Memphis at 3 p.m. Taking the afternoon off would be all good.
The morning also was all good. Failing to bid up to game on a hand in the first round, I was inspired to aggressive auctioneering the rest of the game. Selina, of course, is always inclined that way. Encouraged by good cards, we took bid after bid – 18 out of 24 of them. And, yes, we bid the 6 No Trump slam, although our top board was a hand where we made four overtricks at 1 NT (hand record says the opponents should make 1 NT there).
The upshot? 57.27%. First North-South in the 9½-table single session pairs game. Third overall. 1.97 silver points. Better than we expected.
Turnout for the first session of the tournament also was better than expected. Start of the game was delayed so they could bring in more tables and chairs. They had 35 tables in all, thanks to a fair number of folks from St. Catharines and some Bridge Center of Buffalo 299er folks who came to our table that I hadn’t seen before, like Jeffrey Oshlag and Marilyn Wortzman and the Weltes, John and Martha. Somebody remarked that it was a good thing they remembered to bring along some extra Bridgemate electronic scoring gizmos.

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