Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bridge Blog 790: Sizzling September (so far)

The summer of double and triple points at the Airport Bridge Club comes to an end this weekend, and I’ve been making the most of these last precious days. In fact, it’s been enough to put me over 100 total points for the year.
Barbara Sadkin and I triumphed on Tuesday with the best game I’ve had in a while – 64.68%, 2.22 points. Wednesday with Celine Murray, we rebounded from 30.56% the previous Saturday to break into the points (0.65 of one) with 50.62%, fourth in the B strat.
Florence Boyd and I scratched on Thursday until scoring mistakes were corrected and we sank to 49.70%, fifth out of nine. Selina Volpatti came to our side of the river on Friday and we improved on our previous week’s performance in St. Catharines – 56.67%, third in A, second in B for 1.22 points. And then on Saturday, hooking up with Beverly Dale, newly returned from Florida, we do a bit better than Friday – 56.85%, fourth in A, first in B, for 1.58 points. So far in September, 5.67.

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