Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bridge Blog 603: Off days

Prior to these days off to tend to visiting family members over Thanksgiving was a week of off-days, marking the collapse of the point-per-day run I’ve enjoyed since September. Nothing seemed to break the gloom.
There was a 45.54% game with Nadine Stein, a 49.07% game with Alicia Kolipinski (0.34 point), a 46.10% with Celine Murray (0.35 of a point through the miracle of stratification), 50.31% in a last-minute pairing with Mike Kisiel after a visit to the dentist (no miracles here), 49.04% with Judie Bailey (none here either), a single win in finishing last in the Swiss teams match last Sunday (0.12 of a point), next-to-last with a 42.08% with Judy Zeckhauser last Monday and a ray of hope in a 47.97% game on Tuesday with Chuck Schorr, which yielded 0.44 of a point.
I had 12 points on Veterans Day Nov. 12. As of Tuesday Nov. 20 (I haven’t played since then), the total for the month is 14.37.  There will be triple points, however, at the Airport Bridge Club in the week ahead. Can I attain the magic 2-0 in five days? Has the slump gone away? We’ll see.

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