Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bridge Blog 601: Monthly reckoning

Seventh day of the month and the ACBL has posted the updates on the master point races. My second straight 35-pointer in a row in October should have done me good, so let’s see how much.
My totals for the year now stand at 164.50 for the Ace of Clubs competition (just club play) and 202 even for the Mini-McKenney, which includes all the points earned everywhere. For Unit 116 (Buffalo area only), I’m on the threshold of taking the lead in the Ace of Clubs race, less than one point behind first-place Carlton Stone. In fact, I may have passed him already, having notched another 9.16 since Nov. 1 (including 2.25 today, Wednesday, when Celine Murray and I posted a 60.14% game, second overall and first in the B strat).
Here’s the top 10 for Unit 116 Ace of Clubs: Carlton Stone, 165.34; me, 164.50; Mike Silverman, 158.51; John Ziemer, 156.03; Vince Pesce, 141.97; Liz Clark, 140.80; Jim Gullo, 125.42; Barbara Libby, 110.79; Carolyn Siracuse, 102.60; and Michael Ryan, 102.24.
Now let’s go to the Mini-McKenney list for Unit 116. Here I’m fifth, trailing those tournament masters. John Ziemer is first with 292.74, followed by Judy Padgug, 276.07; Dian Petrov, 270.94; Mike Ryan, 233.18; then me with 202 even; Jim Gullo, 186.53; Carlton Stone, 183.52; Mike Silverman, 176.30; Liz Clark, 172.81; and Vince Pesce, with only the 141.97 from Ace of Clubs.
Onward to District 5 level, which encompasses Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Ace of Clubs here includes some of those other players, but not many of them. Robert Maier of Morgantown, W.Va., is fifth with 144.79. Francine Feldman of Boca Raton, Fla., (but really from Pittsburgh), is eighth with 132.98. And James Quigley of Pittsburgh is 10th with 112.27. Once again, the list includes extra folks from Unit 116 – Judy Padgug (99.15, 15th), Paul Libby (96.44, 17th) and Gene Finton (85.07, 23rd).
That’s 13 of us in the top 25 in the 1,000-2,500 point division. The 500-1,000 shows similar Unit 116 dominance – seven of the top 10 (headed by Ken Meier with 148.90), and nine of the top 25, although only the top four have more than 100 points. The first eight players on the 300-500 point list are from Unit 116, headed by Bill Boardman with 155.52, the only one with more than 100 points. In all, 11 from Unit 116 are there.
The District 5 Mini-McKenney is a different story. The 1,000-2,500 division is topped by Michael Craeger of Brecksville, Ohio, who has more than twice as many points – 593.61 – than second-place John Ziemer. Robert Maier of Morgantown is third with 290.61. Judy Padgug and Dian Petrov are fourth and fifth, respectively. Sixth, with 269.10, is Marc Sylvester of Edinboro, Pa., who shows up regularly at tournaments here. Mike Ryan is eighth and I’m down in 16th place, between Lois Butler of Chagrin Falls, Ohio (204.64) and Ronald Franck of Pittsburgh (201.69). Jim Gullo is 19th, Carlton Stone is 20th, Mike Silverman is 22nd and Liz Clark is 23rd. Cut-off is at 165.88 points.
On to the national listings, 100 players in each division. In the 1,000-2,500 group, alpha dog is a familiar figure, good old Charlie Christmas of Tallahassee, Fla., with 292.37, followed by John Petrie of Long Beach, Calif., with 270.32. Carlton Stone is 54th, I’m 57th, between Robert Darling of Tallahassee (164.53) and Hugh Miller of Spring, Texas (163.99). The list cuts off at 148.99. Over on the Mini-McKenney, District 5 leader Craeger is fourth, eclipsed by Stephen Apodaca of Santa Fe, N.M. (610.68), Margaret Hart of Baton Rouge, La. (608.10), and James Gross of Lee’s Summit, Mo. (605.98). Cut-off is at 291.79 points. The only Unit 116 player on board is John Ziemer. He’s 99th.

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