Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bridge Blog 604: Sputtering back to life

        Can I reach 20 points for the month in this week of triple point games at the Airport Bridge Club? Starting out with 14.37, it shouldn’t be hard. Or should it?
        My first opportunity on Monday with Alicia Kolipinski found us on offense for most of the session, but the only thing that let us rise to a poor but dignified 45.46% was a top board on the final hand.
        Tuesday with Marietta Kalman felt better. We made solid top boards on five occasions, the best of them being a plus 1070 when Marietta scored two overtricks on a 2 Spade doubled vulnerable contract. Two of our top boards came in the final round (alas, against my upcoming Wednesday partner, Celine Murray) and lifted us to 50.26%, earning us 1.12 master points.
        Total for the month now is 15.49 with three days to go. I hope Celine is on her game. Meanwhile, I’ve slipped to third in club’s November master point derby. Mike Kisiel, who trailed me with 13.98 points when the game started, was overall winner and got 3.50 more.

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