Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bridge Blog 553: Summing up Syracuse

A total of 579 people earned master points, or some fraction thereof, in the Syracuse Regional last week. Judie Bailey and I, with our 0.84 of a point, were tied for 538th. Compadres Judy Kaprove and Ruthie Kozower earned 1.03 and were tied for 515th.
Points could be piled up in Syracuse, even if we weren’t the ones piling them. The three guys tied for first had 70.61. Best of the Buffalo area players were – surprise! – Larry and Dottie Soong with 17.83, tied for 80th. They finished ahead of perennial local tournament winner Saleh Fetouh, who had 16.92, and Dian Petrov, with 16.45, who partnered on a few games. The Soongs did it by coming in second with Sharon Chang and her daughter, Jacqueline, up from New York City, in one of the knock-out games, and finishing second in the Thursday Gold Rush teams.

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