Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bridge Blog 549: No cigar

How close did we come to winning gold master points Wednesday in the Syracuse Regional Tournament? So close we could taste it. So close we could tell which hands in the afternoon session cost us the extra 7½ game points we needed to catch 3.64 gold (see Blog 548).
Yes, we had five zero-point bottom boards. So how did we come so close to getting gold points? We also had eight top or near-top boards. After a 47.73% morning game that left us within striking distance, we had 51.7% in the afternoon. Improve just a couple of those zero boards and we’d come home with gold.
Meanwhile, the tournament, which had been running at about half to two-thirds capacity on the first two days, totally filled up the large ballroom at the Liverpool Holiday Inn. Are there any empty tables, one of our opponents wondered. I looked around. There was just one.
After speculating whether any Buffalo players at all were going to show up in Syracuse, we had company on Wednesday. First people I saw were Tova Reinhorn and Carol Bedell. Then I spotted Mike Ryan from a distance. Partner Judie Bailey saw Bob Feasley. And playing not far from us were Marietta Kalman and Elaine Kurasiewicz. And Bob and Judy Padgug. All of them must be playing the team games. None of them appear in the results for the pairs contests.

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