Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bridge Blog 550: Laid low

Usha Khurana and I had a terrible game at the Airport Bridge Club on Friday – 37.5%. And we knew we were having it. That didn’t diminish the distress that Usha felt on this hand, Board 20, which we played against the only people who had a lower final percentage than we did. They shall go unnamed, but since we did only 25% in our two hands against them, we did our best to lift them up.
Both vulnerable. West is dealer.

West (Usha)
Spades: K-Q-5-2; Hearts: A-8-5
Diamonds: 4; Clubs: K-J-10-5-3

Spades: J-8-7-6-4; Hearts: Q-9-6-3-2
Diamonds: 10-3; Clubs: 7

East (me)
Spades: A-3; Hearts: J-4
Diamonds: K-J-9-7-6-2; Clubs: A-8-6

Spades: 10-9; Hearts: K-10-7
Diamonds: A-Q-8-5; Clubs: Q-9-4-3

Usha opened a Club, I responded with a Diamond, she bid a Spade and I rebid my Diamonds, showing the 6-card suit. At that point, South doubled. Usha bid 2 No Trump and, having 13 high card points and a long suit, I bumped her up to 3 NT. Chances are, everybody else would be in 3 NT.
North led a low Heart and Usha played low from the Dummy. South, being cagey, played the 10 and Usha won with the Ace. She then tried to set up her long Clubs with a safety play, losing the first trick, but lost to South’s Queen. South then cashed the King of Hearts and led her final Heart to North, who ran the suit, then led a Diamond. Usha had been throwing off Diamonds on the long Hearts and the remaining honors were finessed. In the end, Usha only picked up four more tricks in Spades and Clubs. Down four.
At the other five tables, three East-Wests wound up at 3 NT, going down one or two. The ones who succeeded played it in Diamonds, bidding three, making three or four.

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