Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bridge Blog 505: Barely registering

          Just like clockwork, it’s the seventh of the month and the ACBL has posted its master point race results for January.  Given my pathetic performance so far in 2012, I wasn’t expecting to see much of my name, if at all. So in the spirit of taking joy in small pleasures, I’m happy to find myself clinging to 10th place in the 1000-2500 point division of the Unit 116 (Buffalo) listings for the Ace of Clubs competition (club play only). It only goes to 10 places. Here’s the Top 10: Judy Padgug, 14.48; Carlton Stone, 10.96; Vince Pesce, 9.55; Jim Gullo, 8.29; Barbara Libby, 8.22; Anne Watkins, 8.22; Gene Finton, 8.13; Pat Rasmus, 8.03; Luke Danielson, 7.33; myself, 7.11. I suspect that this list would look a bit different if the Airport Bridge Club hadn’t been closed all month. For one thing, there would be at least twice as many points up for grabs in Buffalo.
          At any rate, my 7.11 wasn’t enough to reach the Top 25 for District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh), where the bottom rung required 7.61. And my overall total of 8.04 is well short of the Mini-McKenney (club plus tournament play) on the local level (11.84 needed), where Judy Padgug leads with 27.82, and in the district (18.64 needed), where the top player – Michael Creager of Brooksville,Ohio – has 58.10 points. Judy Padgug is in 10th place.  

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