Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bridge Blog 493: Happy New Year!!!

          If your first experiences of the new year foretell the days and weeks and months to come, then my first duplicate bridge game of 2012 on Tuesday is a good omen. First partner of the new year in this 9½ table game at Bridge Club Meridian was Ruth Wurster. We’ve had our ups and downs in the past and the first hand didn’t bode well. Ruth opened 2 No Trump, which was passed all around (I had only one and a fraction high card point – the J-10 in a four-card Diamond suit), and she went down two after she failed to establish the Diamonds (she had three of them, headed by the K-Q, and she let my Jack win the first round). Fortunately, our opponents – Ginny Panaro and my Wednesday pal, Celine Murray – gave us one back on the next hand when they stopped at 3 Spades on a hand that made 6 Spades. And Ruth scored a coup in the next round, against Ken Meier and Gene Finton, when she brought home a 4 Diamond contract – doubled.
          Those were our best two scores of the day, although we managed a few more positive results, especially defensively. When director Dian Petrov announced the winners, we were there, toward the end of the list – fourth North-South, second in B, with a 52.61% game, good for .39 of a master point. But wait – there’s an error. Someone put the wrong board number on top of one of the traveling score sheets. When the scores were tallied up again, Ruth and I were second overall, second in B, with a 54.95% game, just a fraction of a percentage point behind winners Barbara Sadkin and June Feuerstein. New point award -- .70 – the first, I hope, of many happy returns.

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