Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bridge Blog 501: Wanted: Social secretary

          So I get to the Bridge Center of Buffalo at noon Thursday and my partner, Florence Boyd, is nowhere in sight. When I ring her up, she says that she canceled the date because she doesn’t play at that club. Guess who didn’t cross her out of his datebook.
          I lingered, just in case some other wallflower came wandering in alone, but no luck. My partners the last two times I was partnerless – Bob Olin and Bob Padgug – both had been paired up. (Olin was next-to-last in the 299er game, for which he wouldn’t have gotten points anyway, Padgug was second in the open pairs with 64%.)
Director Kathy Pollock had her hands full with the two sessions – 11 tables worth of 299ers and a five-table Howell for the open pairs. I helped her by handing out boards and traveling score slips, for which she graciously gave me a free play coupon. I’ll use it Friday, when I believe I have a guaranteed partner – Joe Peters, who asked to play sometime when I saw him at the Jackie Jocko-Joe Peters birthday party Monday night.

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