Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridge Blog 422: Masterful

It was back on Monday when Judy Kaprove beamed at me and said, “Congratulate me!” She’d become a Life Master at the Cleveland Regional Tournament last week. So did Tova Reinhorn, she said.
And so it came to pass that Airport Bridge Club director Bill Finkelstein announced the new Life Masters, then noted that there was someone on the room with nearly 1,100 points who was NOT a Life Master. Guilty as charged.
All this Life Master talk has inspired people to start thinking about if and when they could get their necessary gold masterpoints, which are only available at regional tournaments. You need 25. I’ve got 20. We have regionals coming up in October on Grand Island and in November in Niagara Falls, Ont. And now Ruthie Kozower, who’s also a few gold points short, is talking about the Syracuse Regional in August and Bill F. is saying that there will be great gobs of gold given out at the North American Bridge Championships in Toronto in July.
And then today, Friday, Carlton Stone and Nancy Kessler step up and say they’d like to help me get the gold I need at the Grand Island Regional in October. They’d be glad to play knock-outs with me. All I need to do is find a partner.

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