Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bridge Blog 421: Belated

          Visiting Canadians took the top place and three of the top 10 spots in the Buffalo Spring Sectional Tournament last weekend (May 13 to 15). A guy named Ranald Davidson, who played variously with two of our heavy hitters – Dan Gerstman and Brian Meyer – was top dog with 18.05 points. Second was one of our experts, Saleh Fetouh, with 17.43, followed by Bud Seidenberg, who seems to be having some really good games recently, and Chris Urbanek, tied with 16.30. Me? 80th place with 1.80 points.
          Not much, but it must have primed the pump. Back in my usual haunts at the Airport Bridge Club, I scratched three days in a row – 52.22% on Monday with Usha Khurana for another .33 point, 58.10% on Tuesday with Mike Silverman when double points kicked in for 1.15 points and another miracle of stratification on Wednesday with Celine Murray, yielding .42 point for a 49.66% game. Lessee, that’s .96 + 1.90 + 1.80 = 4.66. But then a long weekend out of town. No bridge. I’ll have to work hard next week to bring the month home with double digits.

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