Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridge Blog 423: So near, but yet so far

          One upshot of my slump in May is that, although I was so close to the 1,100 masterpoint mark I could taste it, it still remains tantalizingly out of reach. My career total at midnight May 31 stood at 1,097.31.
          June, however, is proving to be much more fruitful. On Wednesday, playing with Flo Boyd in place of my usual partner Celine Murray, who was unavailable, we surprised ourselves with a 50.60% result – fourth in the A strat, second in B, good for .39 point. Despite my missing the significance of 2 No Trump responses from Usha Khurana on Thursday, we emerged with a respectable 52.13% effort – third in A, second in B, .56 point.
On Friday, Judy Kaprove and I started out with a 6 No Trump slam, finished with a pair of average-plus games when our buddy Ruthie Kozower walked out in a snit over not wanting to switch chairs for the final round (her arthritis was hurting), and got ourselves a 55.42% game – third in A and second in B in a 14-pair three-quarters movement game, worth .65 point. So after earning only 3.66 club points for the entire month of May, I’ve accumulated 1.60 in the first three days of June. Add that to the lifetime total and we get 1,098.91.

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