Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bridge Blog 964-A: But how high?

There were peak bridge moments in July, even though they didn’t coincide with the birthday moments.
Best game of the month came the day after my birthday, on July 19. My scheduled partner Barbara Sadkin canceled and I was paired at the last minute with Dr. Brian Block (his daughter, Sandra, is a neurologist – my sleep doctor – and a novelist – I’m in the middle of her third book). Brian has gotten to be a good player, maybe from his winters in Florida, and we put together a 60.71% game, second overall, first in B, 2.39 master points.
I also had a long overdue breakthrough with Art Matthies. We finally lived up to our potential on July 13 by coming in first overall with a 59.63% game. 3.94 points. Since then, we’ve been back in the doldrums – 45.11% on July 17; 45.32% on July 24.
What I’m wondering, though, is if I’ve lived up to my monthly goal of 15 master points, which amounts to a little less than four per week. Let’s break it down:
July 3 with Usha Khurana. 52.94%. 0.19 point.
July 5 with Bill Regan, 55.23%. 1.58 points.
July 6 with Art Matthies, 53.28%. 0.94 point.
July 7 in St. Catharines with Selina Volpatti, 55.13%. 0.84 point.
July 8 with Denise Slattery, 53.17%. 1.97 points.
July 10 with Marilyn Sultz, 53.37%. 0.48 point.
July 12 with Marilyn Sultz, 51.28%. 1.19 points.
July 13 with Art Matthies, 59.63%. 3.94 points.
July 14 in St. Catharines with Selina Volpatti, 53.97%. 0.34 point.
July 18 (day) with Dorothy May, 49.77%. 0.44 point.
July 19 with Brian Block, 60.71%. 2.39 points.
July 22 in St. Catharines with Selina Volpatti, 55.36%. 0.82 point.
July 26 with June Feuerstein, 55.42%. 1.69 points.
July 27 with Marietta Kalman, 53.01%. 1.25 points.
Missed July 28 and July 29 getting ready for the Buffalo Garden Walk and our annual Garden Walk porch pary.
OK, let’s do the math.
Week 1. 5.52.
Week 2. 5.95.
Week 3. 3.65.
Week 4. 2.94.
If my calculations are correct, the early half of the month was my salvation. Total is 18.06. Nothing too special, but perfectly acceptable. And there’s still July 31 to go.Who’s my partner? Art Matthies. Hey, maybe this will be another bounce back for us. 

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