Friday, July 7, 2017

Bridge Blog 962: Frisky over 50

     June’s funky finale oozed over into July. The month started with a mediocre 47.69% game with Denise Slattery last Saturday, not miserable enough for last place, but far from winning points.
     Usha Khurana and I overcame our point drought together on Monday, but our seemingly respectable 52.94% was just sixth overall in a 13-pair one-winner game and yielded only 0.19 of a point.
     I took the holiday off on Tuesday for gardening, then had Wednesday’s partner call late Tuesday night to cancel. Arriving at the Airport Bridge Club as a free agent, I was paired with Bill Regan, a player admirable for his agreeability, and diminished my expectations. 
     I shouldn’t have. It felt like we were having a good game. Over 50%, I predicted as I ran out before results were announced (hair appointment). I didn’t learn until the next morning just how much over 50% we finished. It was 55.23%, first in B in our direction, 1.58 points. 
     Thursday gave Art Matthies and me another chance to see if we could live up to our potential. Though Art found plenty to inspire his impatience, it turned out to be one of our better efforts – third in the B strat in our direction, 53.28%, 0.94 of a point.
     Friday took me back to St. Catharines feeling frisky from the 50%-plus week so far, despite a severe sleep deficit (too late at work Thursday night, cranking out not one, but two feature obituaries). 
     This time Selina Volpatti and I mostly kept our heads about us (despite the minus 1,100 from an ill-advised 5 Clubs doubled sacrifice that I pushed her into). We wound up with 55.13%, third out of 17 North-Souths, fourth overall, collecting 0.84 of a master point. 

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