Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bridge Blog 932: Cakewalk

           It took almost all month to do it, but it’s happened. First overall. Marilyn Sultz and I did it in a four-table Howell game Wednesday, Jan. 25, at the Airport Bridge Club.
Marilyn and I don’t expect to win big when we play together and this certainly didn’t feel like a success story in the early rounds, especially after I steered her into a 5 Diamond doubled sacrifice bid that went down four against Walt Olszewski and Martin Pieterse on the second hand of the day. Otherwise, it seemed like we were always on defense. In the first 21 boards, the opponents won the bidding 14 times.
The tide turned on the home stretch, however. We capped it with final rounds of 66.67% against Allen Beroza and Liz Clark and 75% against Nadine Stein and Joyce Greenspan. The result: 63.10%. My best game of the year so far. First in A, first in B, first in C. 2.04 points. That leapfrogs right over my goal of 15 master points per month. Everything from now through the 31st, including the Buffalo Winter Sectional Tournament this weekend, is icing on the cake. 

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