Monday, January 23, 2017

Bridge Blog 931-A: Eternally an also-ran (updated)

Joyce Greenspan and I were overall leaders when partial results were posted after 16 and 20 boards were tabulated Monday at the Airport Bridge Club, but we sank from over 55% to an even 55% with the final four. That still left us first East-West, but just third overall, good for 1.31 points. It also was my second-best game of the month/year so far.
On Friday, Jan. 20, playing in the Airport Club during the Trump inauguration (my Canadian partner was unavailable, so no trip to St. Catharines), I came in dead last with Usha Khurana with 43% in a three-table game.
Saturday was another small game – four tables – and Denise Slattery and I chalked up 52.98%, good for first in the B strat, third overall and 1.64 points. Total for the month now – 13.10 points. Even without any outright winners, it feels like the year is off to a solid start. 
P.S. on Tuesday: First game in a long, long time with Ruth Wurster turned out for the better. We got off to a roaring start. After the first nine hands, we had a 74.60% game going. Then we hit a couple bumps in the road, settled back to about 60% and then came down hard in a wretched final round. 
Still, it was better than Monday. 55.29%. New second-best game of the year. 
Not second-best when it came to master points, though. Despite the extra points from being an ACBL Junior Fund game, we only collected 0.97. No miracle of stratification this time. Second in A in our direction, but fifth in A overall. January total now stands at 14.07. 

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