Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bridge Blog 905: Buffalo Fall Sectional: Short Version

Played every session at the Main-Transit Fire Hall. But didn’t score big.
Friday with Denise Slattery, it was 47.19% in the morning, 45.20% in the afternoon (not bad as they look, either time – seven or eight match points more, one more good hand – and we’d scratch in the B strat).
Saturday with Judie Bailey stepped things up a notch. Not much, but just enough – 48.59% for 0.29 of a master point in the morning, 49.67% for 0.62 of a master point in the afternoon.  
Percentagewise, Sunday with Judie was better, too. One Victory Point better than an even 50-50, and we were contenders in the B strat right up until the last round of the Swiss team competition. We tossed it instead to our final opponents, the Kaprove team, losing to them by a 27-3 VP margin. They finished second in B. We were 3 VPs short of sixth in B. For winning three rounds, we got 0.90 of a silver point. Total for the tournament: 1.81. 

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