Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bridge Blog 904-A: Redemption

Fortunately, I’ve found resurrection in the games surrounding my all-time low on Saturday.
Against that tough bunch in St. Catharines on Friday, Selina Volpatti and I mustered 52.87%, fifth overall North-South, 0.34 of a point.
Despite a few misunderstandings with Judie Bailey at the start on Monday at the Airport Bridge Club, we came through at 57.76%, second in the A strat, first in B, 1.97 points.
And good fortune continued in Tuesday’s doubleheader, when I was paired with Christine Malarkey after Marilyn Sultz had to stay home with her sick husband. Morning session: 56.13%, third North-South, 1.17 points. Afternoon: 56.67%, third East-West, second in the B strat, 1.31 points.

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