Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bridge Blog 899: Streak!

Two-thirds of the way through a middling game with Marilyn Sultz on Tuesday at the Airport Bridge Club, we suddenly caught fire. For nine boards in a row, every game was a top game. Or a near top. We had 51 match points out of a possible 54. Then we crashed for the final three hands.

When club manager Bill Finkelstein posted partial results for 22 of the 28 boards, we were tied for first North-South with something like 62%. But our sins weren’t entirely marked against us yet. The final tally saw us drop to 55.06%. Second North-South. First in the B strat. 1.58 points, half of them red since this was a North American Pairs qualifying game. Marilyn was overjoyed. Me too. 

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