Friday, July 8, 2016

Bridge Blog 897: Did the train leave the station?

A month ago Bill Finkelstein, director of the Airport Bridge Club, yelled foul when I accused him of being too late in submitting the club’s master points for the ACBL’s monthly tally. Although they were listed as pending, meaning they’d arrived after the deadline, he maintained that he had a receipt proving that he sent them in on the 6th, which is the cut-off date.

Well, just because you have a ticket, it doesn’t mean you caught the train. Bill contends that he forwarded the points just in time again this month. He tried to check during lunch Thursday afternoon at the Mexican restaurant, but he couldn’t bring up the ACBL website on his phone. Now that I’m home, hooked up to the Wi-Fi, let’s see if he made it or missed it. ... Hey, he made it! 

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