Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bridge Blog 848: Buffalo Fall Sectional, Day 2

Partner Judie Bailey was talking at lunch about what a terrible slump she’s in. She isn’t playing regularly and, when she does play, she and her partners don’t connect like they used to. Same thing happened to us in the morning session, when we barely escaped finishing next to last with a seriously undistinguished 42.51% game.
The afternoon session found us in better form, perhaps due to getting reacquainted in the morning (we hadn’t played since our win in the knockouts back in May in the Rochester Regional). The match points told the tale.
In the morning, we had only one hand that even came close to being a top board – Judie playing and making a 2 Spade contract (good for only 1 Spade, according to the hand record), which earned us 10.88 match points out of a possible 12. On the other hand, in the afternoon, after a stumble at the start (I foolishly doubled a 5 Spade contract that succeeded), we went on to rack up several near-top boards and one absolute top (doubling a 5 Club contract that went down four).

The upshot? A 49.68% game, not exactly brag-worthy, but sufficient for fifth in the B strat and 0.34 of a silver point. Tournament total climbs to 1.28. Meanwhile, Sunday Swiss team partner Flo Boyd had a better day than we did – finishing ahead of us at 51%. I’m pumped. We could do something good in the morning. 

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