Monday, September 7, 2015

Bridge Blog 846: Blewitt!

Should I blame myself for the failure of the Airport Bridge Club to report August master points on time for inclusion in the monthly ACBL master point races? Sure. Why not? It’s my fault.
I should have been a nag last week. I should have badgered the director to do right by all of us players and provide us with one of the major joys in our competitive lives – seeing our names in their rightful places on the master point lists.

Instead, everyone who plays at the Airport Club has the frustration of seeing their totals sit at the same level as a month ago while others climb over them in the standings. For instance, I should be ahead of Gene Finton, not behind him in 13th place. Give me those 15 points I earned in August and I just might be Top 10, dammit!  A month from now, I’m going to be nagging.

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