Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bridge Blog 785: A big so-so

How’s your bridge game, non-bridge players ask. The most honest answer is that some days I’m up, some days I’m down. A week ago, however, the tally for the month was more up than down.
At the Airport Bridge Club back then, I’d collected 7.05 points, 3.04 of them North American Pairs triple-point red points. Seeing them all piled up in one place was a pleasant surprise. Pile on those 3.44 gold from Syracuse and voila! Double digits! And the month wasn’t even half-over.
A week later, things are down. No points last Wednesday in a 37.50% game with Celine Murray. None Thursday for a 46.48% with Dianne Bloom. A bit of a taste on Friday in St. Catharines, Ont., after I arrived one hand late due to a big back-up at customs on the Peace Bridge – 54.58% with Selina Volpatti, sixth overall, 0.28 of a point.
The uptick continued Saturday when, playing with Bill Boardman for the second time in a week, we hit 50% (first time was 49.40%) and were second in the B strat for 0.71 of a point. And that’s been all.
With Dotty May on Sunday, it was 45%, fifth of six pairs. Monday with the perky Dede Kluckhohn was better than our first Monday two weeks ago – 44.17% vs. 41.67% – but still out of the points. Paula Kotowski said Tuesday that with Dede you have to get used to playing together. We’ll see next Monday. Tuesday with Eva Schmidt, who was top in her direction with Jim Gullo over at the Corn Fest on Sunday at the Bridge Center of Buffalo, we barely escaped the bottom with 44.35%. And here we are at Wednesday again with Celine Murray. Prior to last week’s 37.50%, we had 41.67%, 49.49% (fourth in B), 49.72% and 49.48% (fourth in B). Here’s hoping for another one of those big so-so games this morning.

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