Monday, August 11, 2014

Bridge Blog 784: Regional retrospective

We players from Buffalo and St. Catharines came to the last week’s regional tournament in Syracuse, but we did not conquer. Best of us were two of the top St. Catharines guys – Jeremy Smee and Brian Macartney, who took 20.90 points and tied for 67th place overall. Top Buffalo player was Jay Levy, 71st with 20.38.
After that you have to scroll down the list quite a way to find Bud Seidenberg and Saleh Fetouh with 10.19 points, tied for 169th. Then there’s Maureen Clark and Christine Pentesco from St. Catharines, tied for 193rd with 9.26, Buffalo’s Chris Urbanek and her partner from Schenectady tied for 208th with 8.57 and Marge Dykstra and Dorothy Duchnicki from St. Catharines tied for 284th with 6.19. Judie Bailey and I, with our 3.44, are tied for 384th. In all, 611 players got points.
Top of the heap were Phil Clark of Pittsford with 105.55 and Douglas Ross of Rochester with 97.42, who won 21.19 of those points in Saturday knock-outs. Tied for third, Martin Hunter of Mississauga, Ont., and John Duquette of Oshawa, Ont., with 94.23, of which 17.33 came from finishing second in Swiss teams on Sunday. All four of them got off to a hot start by winning 25.04 points in the Monday-Tuesday knock-outs.

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