Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bridge Blog 699: Anxiously awaiting

          It’s become a days-dwindling-down kind of ritual, toting up the points I’ve earned for the month, counting down the games left until the month is over and fretting over my chances of making the goal I’ve set for the month.
          This month, of course, is no exception. I set a goal – 20 points. Or better, since I’d dearly love to break onto the national Top 100 in the Ace of Clubs race.
          And what have we got? The Airport Bridge Club’s monthly master point race list shows me with 10.08 as of Monday. Nearly a dozen other players have done better than that, but the total has come up in the past couple days.
          On Tuesday, June Feuerstein and I scratched in the morning session, despite registering just a 47.92% game. We turned out to be the best of a bunch of 40-percenters lagging way behind the two leading 60% pairs, so we were first in the B strat in our direction, earning 1.27 points, half of them red (another NAP qualifier). The afternoon was better, 55.01%, which made us first in B overall for 1.97 points, half red.
          Add another 0.89 to that total after Wednesday’s session with Celine Murray. Our 51.92% was fourth in the B strat overall.
          That should bring my Airport Club total to 14.21 for the month. Then there’s the Unit 116 picnic, where Flo Boyd and I scraped up 1.21 points in two sessions (already recorded as pending points on the ACBL website), and that best-yet date with Selina Volpatti in St. Catharines back on July 12, where we earned 0.91.
          So overall, if my math is working, that’s 16.33 for the month, not quite all Ace of Clubs points. How many chances do I have to hit 20? Well, taking off Friday, Saturday and Sunday to primp my garden and prep for our party for the Buffalo Garden Walk, it leaves just Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and a pair of games to end the month next Wednesday. Fortunately, they’re all NAP qualifiers.

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