Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bridge Blog 693: Century mark

           Despite the paltriness of my returns from the Buffalo Regional Tournament, they were enough to fulfill one of my personal point goals – 100 by the end of June. The 2013 total was 73.50 going into the month and, according to the ACBL, currently there are 29.25 pending.
          Now for 20 more in July, a quest that’s having trouble getting started. Marilyn Sultz and I came in around 45% on Monday and, in the absence of Beverly Dale, who’s late coming north from Florida, substitute Ruth Hnath partnered with me on a miserable 38% round on Tuesday, both of us realizing quickly we were off our game. In fact, I was off it even before she got there, playing with club manager Bill Finkelstein and stranding a winning Ace in my hand to insure a bottom board on a 3 No Trump contract. Our only consolation – not last.  

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