Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bridge Blog 543: Big numbers are back!

When the ACBL put their hammer down on triple point games, I thought that the days of prodigious point totals were over at the Airport Bridge Club. But club manager Bill Finkelstein, being a clever gamer of the system, has figured out a way to maximum point awards anyway, at least for part of the year.
The part that’s ripe for manipulation is the summertime, which the ACBL designates for North American Pairs qualifying games at the clubs. NAP qualifiers award extra points and by holding half his games in the mornings and half in the afternoons (11:59 a.m. and noon, in this case), Finkelstein can offer twice as many NAP games.
That, plus the two-a-day sessions at the Airport club during STaC (Sectional Tournament at the Clubs) week, was the reason I broke above 20 points in June for the first time this year. But I wasn’t the only one. In fact, in the club’s monthly master point race, I came in fourth with 26.72 (the extra .88 that gave me 27.55 overall was a district award in the STaC). Ahead of me were Jerry Geiger (44.83) (!), John Ziemer (32.08) and Mike Silverman (27.09). Right behind me was Paula Salamone’s daughter Miri at 26.11. More good news. NAP qualifiers continue for two more months.

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