Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bridge Blog 542: Message in a bottle

Remember the ACBL-wide International Fund Game back on May 10? Alicia Kolipinski and I were top pair at the Airport Bridge Club with 61.61%. (Blog 529) We got 1.5 red points, 1.5 black at the club level for our efforts, but results weren’t posted at the district level right away or even for a few days afterward. Like the $20 bill you use as a bookmark in a book you stop reading, I just totally forgot about it.
Then, one day last week, Airport club manager Bill Finkelstein hands me a printout of the District 5 Overall Master Point Winners from that six-week-old game. Darned if we weren’t tops in the district. Master points earned – 13.00. And now that the pending points are posted on the ACBL website, I see that my 27.55 points pending from June are actually 37.55, thanks to those extra 10 points for winning the district. Hallelujah!

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