Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bridge Blog 520: First quarter report

My master point count for March was 9.63 – I didn’t earn enough in that final individual game on March 31 to make double digits – but my tally amounted to double digits anyway. The ACBL added in those late-arriving February points (.45) from the Bridge Center of Buffalo. So now, at the end of the year’s first quarter, I have the grand total of 27.99, of which 27.06 count as Ace of Clubs (club play) points. Time to readjust my aims for the year.
If I continue at this rate, I’ll wind up with around 110 points. Let’s start by setting a negative goal – at least 100 points. Then let’s try a positive one – hitting the top 100 on the national Ace of Clubs list. Hmm, last year I would have needed nearly 179 to do that. Won’t happen at this rate. Which makes me wonder – will anyone from Western New York Unit 116 make the top 100 Ace of Clubs list in the 1000 to 2500 point division? They’d need to have about 45 points so far. Let’s look at the list.
Maybe so. Our leader, Vince Pesce, has 45.49 points so far. He led the Airport Bridge Club overall in March with 19.37. After him comes Carlton Stone, 37.38 (11.62 in March at the Airport Bridge Club); Barbara Libby, 33.21; Judy Padgug, 31.65; Jim Gullo, 28.97; Liz Clark, 28.69; John Ziemer, 28.05 (11.92 at the club); then me. Rounding out the Top 10 are Mike Silverman, 26.20; and Luke Danielson, 21.97.
On the District 5 level (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh), I’m smack in the middle of the Top 25 – 13th. Vince is first. Carlton is fourth. Barb Libby is sixth. Nationwide, you need at least 46.91 points to make the Top 100. Vince isn’t there.
Over in the Mini-McKenney, which counts all your points in club play and tournaments, I’m nowhere to be seen. Judy Padgug tops Unit 116 with 56.72, followed closely by Dian Petrov with 56.23. Vince Pesce is third with 45.49 – no tournament points for him this year. Mike Silverman is 10th with 29.55.
          The District 5 Mini-McKenney Top 25 is led by Michael Creager of Brecksville, Ohio, with 129.19. Judy Padgug is 12th, Dian Petrov is 13th. Carlton Stone is 25th with 40.74. None of our Unit 116 people make the national Top 100, where at least 96.16 is needed to gain entry. Top is Leslie Amoils of Toronto with 276.85. Creager is 30th.

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